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Diving Board

Arranging k planks end-to-end means that arranging (k short, 0 long), (k-1 short, 1 long), (k-2 short, 2 long)...

Is Palindrome Permutation

195. Palindrome Permutation: Given a string, write a function to check if it is a permutation of a palindrome.

Langton Ant

An ant is sitting on an infinite grid of white and black squares. It initially faces right.

Letters And Numbers

Given an array filled with letters and numbers, fnd the longest subarray with

Pattern Matching

You are given two strings, pattern and value. The pattern string consists of just the letters a and b,

Pond Sizes

You have an integer matrix representing a plot of land, where the value at that location

String Rotation

Check if one string is formed by rotating the other string eg: abcd, dabc, cdab, bcda

Zero Matrix

Make INPLACE row and column of a matrix 0 iff that row contains a 0